Have your own brand with the Padang Maklon Cosmetic Factory

Padang cosmetic manufacturing factory Mash Moshem Indonesia is a company engaged in private label cosmetic manufacturing services which has been established for 12 years. Mash Moshem Indonesia is the best service provider in its line, our main concept is one stop maklon cosmetic manufacturer. Supported by a team of experts in their fields, committed to implementing quality production standards with industrial certificate accreditation. Because they are specially designed and use domestic ingredients, domestic cosmetic products can be used comfortably.

Growth of the Cosmetics Business in the World

In recent years, the world of beauty in Indonesia has been filled with domestic and foreign products. In 2023, it is estimated that billions of products will be sold and will continue to increase. This cannot be separated from the influence of the digital world which provides broad insight into products. It will also be easier for you to find trusted products and be free to choose product ingredients for your skin through reviews on social media, right? Generation Y and generation Z have a big influence on the world cosmetics market, especially in the United States. The United Israel WhatsApp Number Data States is one of the largest cosmetics markets in the world, with estimated total revenues of 48.26 billion US dollars in 2021. Unfortunately, foreign-made products are rarely accepted in Indonesia. Apart from long delivery times, price and product formulation are also considerations.

Indonesian Consumer Behavior towards Local Cosmetic Brands

The cosmetics industry is a dynamic industry. Innovations continue to be launched to attract attention to the beauty industry in Indonesia, which is the target market in the beauty and skin care business. Not only foreign products, domestic products are also competing to produce various kinds of products Thailand Whatsapp Number that are no less sophisticated. So what makes beauty enthusiasts increasingly interested in local products? Several users of local cosmetic products at the Jakarta X Beauty 2022 event stated several reasons. First, domestic products adapt to Indonesian people’s skin types, which is rarely found in foreign products. The skin characteristics and weather conditions in Indonesia are unique and different from those in other countries.