What is XAMPP and what are the functions of XAMPP?

Now, many database management applications are online. Using an application that is integrated with a database. On the server makes managing data very easy and more efficient. But, what if there is no internet connection and cannot access the web server? We can overcome this problem with a web server on a localhost computer, one of which is XAMPP is an application that functions as a web server on localhost. By using XAMPP, you can manage databases on localhost without needing internet access.

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is a web server-based open source software that contains various programs. This application supports various operating systems, namely Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Solaris. The function is as a local server/localhost, including Apache, MySQL and PHP programs. The emergence of began with Sweden Phone Number Data difficulties in installing Apache and adding PHP and MySQL support. This is what then led to the emergence, as an application used to make it easier for developers. Who need a web server on localhost with just one application. XAMPP has been around for over 10 years, so it has a large developer community. If you encounter problems with , you can join the community to find solutions. The community is called Apache Friends Forums.

Functions of XAMPP

The main function of XAMPP is as a local server for storing.  Various types of website data that is currently under development. Access and modify PhpMyAdmin database  can be to manage database pages in PhpMyAdmin, just by accessing a local server computer without an internet connection. PhpMyAdmin allows Czech Republic Phone Number List you to freely , delete, update or add users, as well as databases easily. Test features and access websites without internet XAMPP can be to test features and display content on websites to other people without an internet connection, simply by accessing the XAMPP control panel. Wamp is a software compilation that directly installs apache, mysql, and php on your operating system.