What is web hosting and what is its function?

For those of you who are involved in the online world (especially related to blogs or websites), you will often hear the term hosting. Moreover, currently there are many websites that provide hosting services at various prices and packages. So, what is meant by hosting? And what is its function for website users and managers? Below is a complete explanation regarding hosting. Understanding Web Hosting Hosting is a service that provides a place to run applications or store data in a centralized location (server) that can be accessed with an internet connection. Hosting is widely used for various purposes ranging from website storage and applications, file transfers via FTP, email data centers, and so on.

What Actually is the Function of Web Hosting?

Now, you understand what is meant by hosting, right? The question now is what is the actual function of hosting itself? Why do many website owners rent hosting services on the internet? Hosting is used to make it easier for website owners to manage and access their website. With this service, the website server will not go down easily. So every time an internet user wants to access your site, that person can access it easily and smoothly. This Mexico Mobile Number Database function is certainly an advantage for business people. Because hosting can make it easier for consumers or potential buyers to access online shops without hindrance 24 hours a day. By using cloud hosting, there is no need to worry about limited resources or server instability.

Types of Web Hosting You Need to Know

As previously mentioned, hosting is likened to mall management. Where there are many shops selling. Well, the mall provides security services and mall locations only. Meanwhile, service users will pay the rent. For example, an online shop needs a server to store data such as images, files, consumer data and so on. So Cambodia Whatsapp Number hosting plays a role in this storage. Hosting itself is divided into several types, here are some of them. Shared Hosting Shared hosting is a type of paid hosting. For those of you who have minimal funds, shared hosting is the right choice. The reason is, this service is offered at a very affordable price. Shared hosting will place several websites on the same server. Where each website will share CPU and RAM resources.