What is Hotlink Protection

Hotlink Protection is a Cpanel tool that is used to block other websites from linking directly to your files (the most common example is image files). If you don’t use HotLink Protection, other websites will link to your files which will increase your website’s bandwidth usage. For those of you Nawadwipa cPanel users who have a built-in tool so you can activate HotLink protection with just one click.

How to Use Hotlink Protection

The first thing you have to do is log in to your Cpanel account. If you forget how, please see the article below. Also Read: A Brief Understanding of Cpanel Cari Icon then settings will appear as shown in the image below. Hotlink Protection settings Enable Germany Phone Number Data HotLink Protection. Follow the steps below if you want to change the default configuration URLs to allow access: Enter the desired website to connect directly to your files. By default, this column will automatically be filled with your domain name. Block direct access for the following extensions (comma-separated): Enter the separate extension file whose direct access you want to block.

Allow direct requests

Check this option if you allow direct access via the browser (for example, when an image is opened directly via). Redirect the request to the following URL: If you wish, you can redirect blocked requests to a specific URL. For example, one of the pages in your domain Croatia Phone Number List name. The page requires a valid URL in the format http://yourdomain.com/somepage.php. Click Submit to save changes. Done, now your files on your server/hosting have been protected so they don’t connect to unwanted websites. If you need Website Creation Services in Bali or need anything else related to website building, don’t hesitate to contact us Nawadwipa.