What is FTP? and what its function is

For those of you who are always involved in the field of website creation, of course you will find the term very familiar, so what is FTP? Understanding stands for ” File Transfer Protocol “, which means a standard network protocol to transfer files between clients and servers on a computer network. is built on a client-server model architecture using separate control and data connections between the client and the server or hosting . Communication protocols govern the conditions under which files are between multiple computers . Among communication protocols, FTP belongs to the network protocol group.

FTP manages data exchange

Between multiple computers on a network. You can download files from FTP servers, upload files and also view and change the folder structure on the server. Most often, FTP is to manage files on HTTP servers, simple web servers. Functions and How FTP Works The FTP server can be reached, for example, with the Kuwait Phone Number Data CMD command on a Windows computer or on a Mac. You can also use a free program with a graphical user interface, such as FileZilla or CuteFTP. To download files from an FTP server or upload them to a server, you need access using a username and password.

Most public FTP servers

Use anonymous access, username then “anonymous”, as a password. You can choose a sequence of letters or numbers or your email address. When you make a connection to Ecuador Phone Number List an server, it travels through two channels: a data channel and a control channel. Orders are sent via the control channel, files are on the data channel. You can also set up your own server with FileZilla. In the next Nawadwipa Article , we will show you how to integrate your own server as a drive. We also present the 3 best programs for setting up an server. You can use Apache & Nginx as both are fully.