Ways to boost the business transformation journey

In the dynamic, ever-evolving business landscape, Digital Leaders stands out as a guide for those seeking to thrive in the digital age. Result of the partnership between RD Station and Agência Elévon, the event held in Florianópolis, on September 22nd, offered a deep immersion in Marketing and Sales strategies. More than a meeting, it was an enriching learning opportunity, full of valuable insights to boost companies across Brazil. During the event, renowned speakers shared their experiences and knowledge, addressing innovative strategies to face the challenges of the current market. Furthermore, interactions between participants promoted a collaborative environment conducive to exchanging experiences, making the experience even more valuable.

What is Digital Leaders?

Digital Leaders is an event that stands out as a unique opportunity for those who wish to adopt digital transformation in their companies. This meeting brings together entrepreneurial leaders dedicated to improving their Marketing and Sales strategies, taking their businesses to a new level of growth, intelligence and UK Phone Number Data sustainability. The emphasis on practice and the exchange of experiences is remarkable, as participants have the chance to learn in practice how to boost their companies using Digital Marketing . It’s not just about theory, but about effective implementation of strategies that have a real impact on results. Digital Leaders also stands out for its collaboration with renowned agencies certified in the RD Station Partnership Program, such as Elévon.

Digital Leaders Elévon + RD

On September 22nd, Digital Leaders was held in partnership between the Elévon agency and RD Station, in Florianópolis. With the theme “3 Steps to Sales Predictability”, the event promised and delivered a journey rich in learning and precious insights. Over the course of 5 intense hours of programming, the harmony Argentina Phone Number List between knowledge and practice was the guiding principle of the meeting, which featured important speeches from experts in the world of marketing and sales. The executive director of Agência Elévon, Glauber Serafim, has more than 20 years of experience in branding and spoke about strategic planning for growing companies. Vinícius Moraes, sales executive at RD Station, focused on sales culture, highlighting practices to enhance the commercial process.