Take advantage of the Site Publisher feature from Cpanel

Take advantage of the Site did you know that cPanel Nawadwipa. Has a Site Publisher facility that is offered to you, which you can then use to create a landing page. Create a company profile website and several other simple websites. Want to know what Site Publisher is and how to use it? If it has been filled in, please click the publish button. Landing Page Creation Services After it is published, if it is successful, other things will appear in managing the publisher’s site, for example: Add an email account: add an email account Manage my website’s files: manage website files that will be directed to the file manager.

What is Site Publisher?

Site publisher is a feature in cpanel that makes it easy for you to create simple websites quickly and easily. You can also choose a template according to your website needs. For example, websites for personal profiles, business profiles, or even creating a website display while “Under Construction” can use Site Publisher. Connect to this website with Web Disk. Manage website files using a web disk Publish another website: If you have Brazil Mobile Number Database several domains and will use a site publisher. Then you can choose Publish another website Now, your website can be accessed with the selected template.

How to Use Site Publisher

Please login to cpanel first. How to access cpanel see the following article ” A brief understanding of cpanel ” Then, click the Site Publisher menu in cpanel. Next, you will enter the Site Publisher menu and on the Select a Domain menu, please select the domain you will use. For domains, you can use your main domain, addon Brazil Whatsapp Number domain or subdomain. In my example I use a subdomain. If so, then you will continue to Select a Template. In this menu you can choose a template by clicking on the template. For example using the About Me template After that, there will be a form to fill in the details of your website landing page. Such as Title. Website name, about Me, Social Media URL, and so on.