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Suspended Pada Account when you visit your website and find that your hosting account has been suspended. This means that the hosting service has been stopped temporarily. When your hosting account is suspended, all files, e-mail, databases and other data in your hosting directory will not be lost. However, during the suspended period it means that your website, e-mail and other hosting facilities cannot be accessed. Supended on your website There are several things that cause your hosting account to be suspended: You Have Not Completed Payment It could be that you haven’t finished billing (paying) for the hosting services we provide or you have paid but you didn’t confirm the payment so our billing department doesn’t know about your payment.

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Too Burden on the Server your hosting account can overload. The server so that it disrupts the continuity of service to other customers. Usually this load is caused by a database that is too large and not optimize, hits or visit levels that are too large, scripting errors, etc. In cases like this Bali Mechanic Web will further Thailand Phone Number Data investigate what is causing the high server load of your hosting account and provide a solution. You are committing abuse from our server Abuse is a violation of terms of service. The abuse most often carried out by customers is SPAM (mass e-mailing). Usually SPAM is out to offer goods or services in bulk.

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Another abuse that is also carrie out by customers, whether intentionally or not. Is the DDOS action by sending very large data packets to the target IP Address with the aim of turning El-Salvador Phone Number List off internet services from the target IP Address. Bandwidth If you get a Bandwidth message on your website. It means your hosting traffic quota has exceeded the specified limit. Immediately contact Professional Website Creation Services if you want to increase your traffic quota or upgrade your hosting package. PHP goes hand in hand with Apache and communicates with MySQL. WAMP is used to run a web server on the Windows operating system.