Social Marketing Strategy for Cosmetic Brands, Here’s More!

In today’s increasingly developing digital era. Marketing is no longer just limited to promoting products or services. But can also be used to have a positive impact on society and the environment. This is what became known as social marketing. Have you heard this term before? For those of you who have been in the business world for a long time and have various marketing sciences. You will definitely be familiar with social marketing strategies. However, for those of you who are about to start a business and are studying marketing, it is really possible to understand more deeply about social marketing in this article. This article will discuss the meaning, types, strategies, advantages and disadvantages. As well as examples of social marketing from several well-known cosmetic brands.

What is Social Marketing?

Social marketing is a marketing approach that aims to improve. The welfare of society and the environment through a positive influence on people’s behavior. So, social marketing is usually¬† to change unhealthy or risky behavior for society, such as smoking, eating unhealthy food, or not using a seat belt when driving. Social Marketing can also be to increase public awareness of social issues such as mental health, domestic violence, or gender inequality. Marketing with a Social Singapore Telegram Number Data Mission is a type of social marketing out by companies with the aim of contributing to society or the environment. This type of social marketing is usually out through social or environmental programs carried out by companies, such as scholarship or reforestation programs.

Types of Social Marketing

In social marketing, there are several types that you can apply and adapt to your business or cosmetics brand. Non-Profit Marketing is a type of social marketing carried out. By non-profit organizations or institutions that do not have a profit goal. This type of social marketing is carried out to increase public awareness of social and environmental issues. As well as promote Iran Telegram Number charitable or philanthropic activities. An example of non-profit marketing is UNICEF’s campaign to increase public awareness of malnourished children in Africa. This campaign is out through social and advertisements on television to ask for donations from the public. This type of social marketing is usually done through social , advertisements on television, or posters in public places.