Skintific Style Marketing Strategy, Make Your Cosmetic Brand Viral and Popular

You must be familiar with the brand name Skintific, right? This brand, which is currently viral on various social media channels, has a special marketing strategy. Which has succeeded in attracting people’s attention. Are you curious, what is the marketing strategy for the Skintific brand? The Skintific brand name skyrocketed when many people made reviews on the TikTok page. This cosmetics brand even won an award as Best New Brand 2022 at the TikTok Live Award. This achievement certainly cannot be from the role of online marketing as a benchmark for the success of a product. Behind it all there must be a marketing strategy being out.

Scientific Success in marketing strategy

The Skintific brand has successfully a marketing strategy that has won awards. Apart from that, the Skintific brand has also been seventh on the list of Top Best Selling. Facial Serum Brands 2022 in the period 14 to 28 June, with a sales volume achievement of 3.32%. In fact, this sales volume is able to beat the cosmetic brand Implora, which is also Israel WhatsApp Number List booming . Not only that, the Skintific brand also won an award from the TikTok Live Award as the Best New Brand 2022. This is also proof that social platforms have a big influence on the marketing strategy of a product, especially cosmetics. Plus indicates that the Skintific marketing team. Has in marketing in the eyes of the public which has made its name so popular in many circles. Of course, the success that Skintific hasĀ  cannot be from the role of a good and well-marketing strategy.

Providing Attractive Discounts and Promos

Anyone would be very happy if they got a discount or discount when shopping. This is also done by the Skintific brand, so that it can attract consumer interest. For example, when the Skintific brand gave consumers a 50% discount during last Eid. And it is proven that China Whatsapp Number consumers are very enthusiastic about getting it. Providing high discounts or discounts is also a marketing strategy. That you can do if you want your product to be known to the public like Skintific. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of certain moments such as 12.12, Black Friday , Valentine’s Day, and many more. Sintific also uses influencer services, namely an endorsement strategy. The Skintific brand has also with influencers several times to market its products.