How to Choose the Right Influencer for a Cosmetics Brand

Beauty Preneurs, apart from creating the best quality cosmetic products, preparing a branding strategy for your cosmetic brand is also very important. Moreover, if you want to use an influencer marketing strategy, you have to know how to choose the right influencer for your cosmetics brand. Recently, the cosmetics industry has increased very rapidly in Indonesia. According to reports from the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and ZAP Beauty Index 2023 research, sales of cosmetic and skin care products from local brands continue to increase. So , this is what makes strategy the key for you to penetrate and win the Indonesian cosmetics market. For example, by using the right influencer services, you can increase your brand reputation and make target consumers have more confidence in your cosmetic products.

Local Influencers

Unexpectedly, more than foreign figures, as many as 78% of Indonesian women trust and are easily influenced by local influencers . These local influencers include Selebgram, Selebtweet, Youtuber, Tiktoker, and various figures who can share beauty reviews on social media and can encourage consumers to make other purchases. Well, that ‘s why Beauty Preneur, if you want to collaborate with influencers to promote your products. You can choose local Mexico WhatsApp Number Data influencers first as the first option. Apart from high consumer interest, local influencers will also tend to have lower red cards . They also have a more specific follower base , for example discussing only beauty tips, so the audience’s trust in their content is quite large.

Famous Local Artists

Ranked second with a percentage of 23%, famous local artists are among the types of influencers who can influence Indonesian women in choosing beauty products and services. For example, we can include film actors, musicians and presenters in this category. Unfortunately the percentage between local influencers and Philippines Whatsapp Number local artists is quite large, why is that? This is because well-known local artists have a reputation that they use certain products as a form of ‘sponsorship’. So it gives the impression that the reviews that local artists give on a product will not be as honest as those given by people with small followings and who have been sharing beauty tips regularly for a long time.