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I hung up on the phone for over a minute with no swer. I ask why I couldn’t get through d they said they didn’t receive the call. The result is that the client is configur with a series of rirects first to the proxy second to the proxy d so on. I’m tell you this is the point. Do it humely. Very few customers will hg on the line for that long. You sit down d everyone wts the next one in the chain. In addition, competition in the service field is also very fierce.

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No they say that’s not the point so you c fight for the top spot as much as you wt d even fulfill my of the requirements but be offline will ruin all your efforts. Reply Elena Zimulina What a distasteful situation this is If the end customer doesn’t even get to the point of talk to the compy then all Oman Telegram Data the work is in vain.  Not only that but they also said to refund the money you did noth but in fact you brows the entire website full of keywords which doesn’t count how come you didn’t make y money d it reach the top in a month  has enough of such clients just for such clients you ne to have money d a safety cushion upfront swer.

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The website is one year d three months

Kamila Sotnikova A clear d informative article about optimization myself Copi swer Elena Zimulina Glad it work swer Hammerlock Goodbye. Here’s a question.  old in the Information Website Competitive Niche Russi Geography. It has been rk for six months d has multiple queries. It has Australia Telegram Number List 100 visitors per day from orgic sources. The situation is even worse in the whole time the site has been in operation, the search click-through rate is almost zero We c post your question on social networks so our colleagues c make suggestions. Would you mind reply to Hammerlock it would be helpful.