Maximize Personalized Marketing Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic that occurred several years ago has changed many things for the cosmetics industry. One of them is about consumer satisfaction with beauty brand products and services. According to data compiled by Euromonitor International, around 49 percent of global consumers want products that are unique and personalized based on their needs. This is none other than because there is a gap between customer needs and the products offered by the brand. It seems that product personalization is quite popular among the millennial generation and generation X. Still from Euromonitor International data, almost 60 percent of respondents who are millennials in Asia-Pacific said they want personalized products and services.

What is Personalized Marketing?

Which is also known as one-to-one marketing , is a data marketing strategy to create more personalize marketing towards consumers. marketing is now starting to be widely in the business world. The reason is that this strategy is considered more effective in reaching France WhatsApp Number Data potential audiences while maintaining loyal customers. Moreover, this marketing strategy also allows companies to get more specific customers. Without having to spend a lot of money on marketing strategies, which sometimes target the wrong potential buyers. With this personalized marketing, consumers will feel closer to the brand. Because they think brands can understand their needs.

Maximizing Consumer Experience

Consumer experience is one of the keys to forming customer trust in a brand. By creating a more personalized experience, it means a brand can understand what its customers need. Customers don’t to about finding what they need, thanks to recommendations from brands. This positive Vietnam Whatsapp Number experience can help maximize customer experience directly. As a result, satisfied customers will give good ratings and recommend it to others. Indirectly, your brand will get free marketing through word of mouth. Almost all businesses struggle to gain the loyalty of their customers. The good news is, personalized marketing can be the right answer to make it happen.