Lhokseumawe Cosmetic Factory, Maklon Services for MSMEs

The cosmetics business is a field of profit that you should not miss. Especially now, creating your own cosmetic products can be done easily. For example, with the help of the Lhokseumawe cosmetics factory from Mash Moshem Indonesia which operates in the field of cosmetic manufacturing services. Cosmetic contracting services can now be an alternative for those of you who can’t wait to start a cosmetics business. One reason is because maklon services can shorten business preparation time. For example, at Mash Moshem Indonesia you can make cosmetic products in just over 2 months. The sooner your product is ready, the sooner you can enter the market to market your own cosmetic products.

Graph of Cosmetics Industry Revenue in Indonesia

The dominance of the cosmetics market in Indonesia is increasingly increasing and promises fresh business potential in the future. It’s hard not to be attracted by the tantalizing data results citing a report from Statista in 2022. In 2022, the beauty and personal care category will have Poland WhatsApp Number Data revenues of up to IDR 111.83 trillion or US$7.23. Based on this data, it is estimated that the cosmetics market will continue to increase every year by 5.81% per year. In detail, the largest market segment is occupied by personal care with revenues reaching US$3.18. Second is the Skin Care segment with revenues of US$2.05 billion. Third and fourth are the cosmetics segment at US$1.61 billion, and fragrances at US$39 million.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

From the data above, you can certainly see promising opportunities in the cosmetics business. Don’t miss the opportunity, especially since making cosmetic products with your own brand Hong Kong Whatsapp Number can now be done easily. You can make private label cosmetics with the help of cosmetic manufacturing services. One of them is Mash Moshem Indonesia’s maklon service which has experience in the cosmetics business for more than 12 years. Mash Moshem Indonesia, has a sophisticated and high quality production factory with human resources that are no less qualified. You will also be assisted by our team of experts who are competent in each field.