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There may be several explations for the correlation of compy rats with nual revenue.  for a compy with a low number of reviews. This may be because the compy is new to the market, is small, unknown d therefore has less revenue. Users are interest in perfect rats. Be cautious d think the rats are inflat. other study came to a different conclusion. Research on how even one negative review c cost you a customer suggests a different stce.

Test shows how businesses respond

Accord to this data, even if there are only one negative review, the compy has already lost a large portion of its customers. The researchers conclud that if there was at least one negative review about a compy on a Google search results page, the compy would lose more potential customers if three Poland Telegram Data were negative, or more if there were four or more negative reviews. my. Researchers believe negative information about a compy  of Google search results. Just one negative review is likely to turn off most consumers who are just start to research information about you from this compy. When you look at reviews for a product or service you’re pln to buy, how my negative reviews are enough to make you absolutely not buy the product or service.

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How my negative reviews c a compy have? Link between bad reviews d sales:  to negative sentiment of users wt to know if a compy responds to reviews from dissatisfi customers. They Croatia Telegram Number List consider reactions to negative emotions when evaluat products d form overall attitudes toward the site. Dur test users said respond to reviews made them think more highly of the compy. However, e-commerce sites do not respond to negative reviews even for their most popular products. research is alsoIndicates that the comment requires a response.