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It turns out that the beauty and personal care product market in Indonesia is a market with great potential for development. Data from research results released by statista dot com in 2021 shows that revenue earned from the beauty industry reached $7.5 billion in 2021, and will grow by 6.5% until 2025. Amazing, isn’t it? Indonesian Consumer Behavior towards Local Cosmetic Brands Even though international brands used to be rampant in Indonesia, now there are many local brands that are of good quality and are preferred by lovers of Indonesian cosmetic products. The reason? Apart from the more affordable price, consumers also usually don’t need a long time to get the product they want.

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You could say, the cosmetics business will always thrive. Moreover, with increasingly sophisticated social media, many influencers make reviews of beauty products every day. Meanwhile, for several foreign brands, consumers have to wait for products using a pre-order system first. Apart from that, usually local products are also guaranteed to be halal, because Vietnam Telegram Number Data they only use ingredients that are permitted to be used by Muslims, who are the majority of consumers in Indonesia. Well, there are several conditions that must be met so that you can sell your own brand of beauty products. So, the first thing that must be taken care of is of course permits.

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Mostly young people and adults, increasingly tempted to buy the same cosmetic products. Therefore, it is not wrong if this is one of the reasons why you should also enter the same field. Moreover, with contracting services, you no longer need to bother Germany Telegram Number taking care of everything yourself. So, if you who currently live in Gunungsitoli also want to enter the cosmetics industry, it’s very easy! All you have to do is use Mash Moshem’s cosmetic contracting services which have proven quality and make things easier for those of you who don’t even have any experience in this field. When you start to enter the world of cosmetics business, of course you have many questions.