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What should be the target actions to lead to a purchase? There are my options. of the new build. Apply for apartment. Apply for a consultation. You c use y of the options in different places on the website. But if you collect requests from a design project application form there will most likely not be y sales regardless of the number of applications. Examine all your goal actions d always think about whether they will help you achieve them. Often promot websites have no target operations at all. No forms no buttons no calls to action.

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Conversions will definitely be low in this case because people are confus d don’t know what to do next. Whether the user will be rirect to the thk you page when submitt application through y form. online. You should always track your website’s clicks broken down by all ad sources d Indonesia Telegram Data campaigns. The simplest way is to set the target in d . There are two ways to set the goal us script events d visit the thk you page. I always recommend do this via a thk you page. I have two compell arguments for this.

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For marketers d business owners, the goal of visit a thk you page is easy to set up without the help of a programmer. This only takes five minutes to do d works perfectly. Go to the Setup Belgium Telegram Number List Goals tab. Add a goal. In Set Goals, enter a name for the goal. Select the type of page access criteria.  you page in the field Contains. it the goal in without us a protocol. It c be updat after a while without the help of a programmer. Easily check the correctness of sett the target to visit the thk you page. You just ne to leave a test request d see where the rirect goes after send it.