Cosmetic Factory in Bandung Ready to Help MSME Business Actors

However, times have finally changed. Awareness of caring for your skin is no longer a privilege that can only be obtained by certain groups. Nowadays, everyone, men, women and teenagers are free to choose and buy cosmetic products according to their wishes. The choice of products also varies in type and brand. For prices, just adjust your individual budget. Based on this phenomenon, it is not surprising that cosmetics and skincare have been named the third best-selling products in global e-commerce according to Alibaba. Meanwhile in Indonesia, personal products and beauty products are in second place after fashion products.

Solution for Beginner Brand Owners

Starting a cosmetics business is certainly not the same as selling fried chicken with flour to your neighbors. Apart from large capital, we need a great team who is ready to help develop our business. But these two things are not significant obstacles. There is the Bandung Mash Moshem Indonesia cosmetics factory, which will accompany your business journey, from zero to cosmetic products ready for distribution. Mash Moshem Indonesia is a Singapore WhatsApp Number List cosmetic manufacturing company that has been established since 2011. We have a team of experts who have 12 years of experience, helping thousands of brand owners to make quality cosmetic products. Not only Bandung, our services can also reach other areas in Indonesia, you know.

Types of Bandung Cosmetic Factory Services

ODM cosmetics is an abbreviation for Original Design Manufacturer of cosmetics. In the realm of the cosmetics industry, the term ODM means the services of companies that specialize in designing, developing and producing cosmetic products for other brands. ODM companies will provide full services starting Turkey Whatsapp Number from product concept, formulation, testing, production and packaging according to your preferences. So your product formula will not be the same as other products on the market. Later you have the right to distribute the product under your brand name. Meanwhile, OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Different from before, in OEM the company has determined the product formula first. And the brand owner has the right to distribute it under his brand name.