Emotional Marketing Strategy: Definition, Uses, and Tips for Implementing It

Beauty Preneurs! Have you ever seen an advertisement and then smiled because of the advertisement? This advertisement presents happiness that makes you happy and feels like you are part of the advertisement. So that you understand or are aware of the brand in the advertisement. Or have you ever felt sad after seeing advertising content? You also feel the sadness in the advertisement, and feel it relates to your life. So that you are concerned and even interested in the brand in the advertisement, then find out more about the brand that arouses your emotions. Have you ever done that? If you have experienced this, it means that the brand or advertisement has succeeded in creating brand awareness through emotional marketing strategies.

What is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing is a marketing and advertising effort that emphasizes consumers’ emotions so they remember, pay attention and then purchase a product. This type of marketing usually uses emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, and even consumer fear. Because every human being must have emotions that influence decision making. That is why, this marketing strategy is one of the effective strategies for attracting consumers Korea WhatsApp Number Data because it makes consumers feel closer to a brand, so that they ultimately decide to buy that product. Advertisements that can touch the audience’s emotions will be more relatable to consumers’ feelings, thereby encouraging them to recognize a brand and make product purchases.

Influence on Buying Decisions

Even though there are many products with the same quality, consumers will tend to choose products that have an emotional connection to them, which is why emotional marketing is very Malaysia Whatsapp Number effective to implement in marketing strategies. Because when they want to buy something, consumers will tend to think for a moment and emotional marketing is what can work and influence purchasing decisions. For example, advertisements campaign for clean living because cleanliness can make people feel comfortable, the quality of life increases, and the body becomes healthy. This could inspire consumers to do the same thing as what you show in your advertisement.