How to Do a Soft Launch on Instagram for a Cosmetics Brand

Online media is now widely used as a marketing strategy. One of them is the Instagram platform which is widely used for online sales or promotional media. In fact, several beauty brands are also intensively carrying out promotions and soft launching on Instagram media to attract curious consumers. So, for you Beautypreneurs who are going to start a business, you can try a soft launching strategy via Instagram media. This soft launching also aims to introduce your products for the first time. Through this strategy, you will later get feedback from platform users to improve products and services before entering the market. Apart from that, you can also see how enthusiastic the users are with your product.

What is a Soft Launch?

Soft launching is a way to build or introduce a product before the official launch. You can also use the soft launch as a special invitation to selected customers who can access it. You can also do this launching process on social media such as Instagram via online, offline pages, seminars or webinars. The aim of this soft launch is to get feedback from early users and become a research medium to improve the brand through their suggestions. This can later also be used as an evaluation to Korea Telegram Number Data perfect the product or launch process that you will carry out in a soft launch on social media. Next , you also have to have a creative soft launching strategy. Especially on social media, for example, you can start creating beautiful and persuasive Instagram posts using your product image.

Determine the Launching Goal

Before you do a soft launch on the Instagram platform, you must determine the overall goal of your brand. Apart from that, you have to determine what feedback you want to get by launching it. For example, you want to attract consumer interest, make consumers Japan Telegram Number List aware of the importance of your new product, and there are many other goals that you can consider in this soft launching process. After the goal, you also have to determine the right time to do a soft launch on Instagram. So you can choose the date, day and month as you wish. This step is critical in preparing a brand campaign, as well as helping the launch stay on track. So you can avoid various risks that could hinder or hamper your initial plans.