Difference between Hosting and Domain

Difference between Hosting when planning to create a website, there are two main elements that need to be understood well: hosting and domain. These two components have a very important role in presenting a website in the digital world. This article will discuss the basic differences between and domains and why these two elements are an inseparable foundation in creating a website. Here are the differences. Scalability , you can change providers or upgrade the type of needed. However, the domain is yours as long as you pay the annual renewal fee.

Hosting: Website Storage Place

Hosting is a virtual home where a website lives on the internet. This is a service provided by web hosting providers, to enable storing all files, data and content on the website on their servers. These servers are computers that are always connected to the internet, allowing users all over the world to access the Iran Phone Number Data website at any time. There are several different types of , such as shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, and dedicated hosting. Each type of  has a different level of control and resources, which is also reflected in the cost.

Domain: Identity Name on the Internet

Now let’s talk about domains . Domain is a web address used by users to access websites on the internet. For example, in the URL address “www.examplewebsite.com,” “examplewebsite.com” is the domain. This domain functions to replace the actual IP address of the server where the website is hosted, which is difficult for Cameroon Phone Number List humans to remember. Choosing the right domain is very important, because this is how people recognize and access the website. The domain should reflect the purpose or content of the website, and of course, it should be easy to remember. Usually, hosting has a fee that is paid monthly or annually, while domains generally incur an annual renewal fee.