Changing Php Version In CPanel

PHP is a server-side script programming language designed for website development. There are lots of frameworks that use PHP as the basis for creating websites. Some well-known frameworks are Codeigniter, Laravel, Yii, and others. Using the PHP version is an important element to support the running of the script that you have created. There have been several cases where the website created did not work because the PHP version did not match the script used. So to replace or change the PHP version on the Bali Mechanic Media cpanel is as follows. Please log in to your cPanel.

Find MultiPHP Manager

Then scroll down until you Multi PHP Cpanel Make sure you check your domain, then select the PHP version (example: ea-PHP70) Then click Apply PHP 7 Cpanel You can also change PHP settings by returning to the main cpanel page, selecting MultiPHP INI Editor and making changes according to your needs. MultiPHP INI Editor Click Apply Apply This Multi PHP Editor Note: allow_url_fopen : This function allows PHP to treat URLs as files, or PHP UAE Phone Number Data can directly access and execute files. display_errors: Function to display error logs on the hosting. error_reporting : Used to display the type and error of a program.

File uploads this function

Function to activate the file upload function, the default is ON. include_path : Includes the directory of the file being called. log_errors: Function to enable errors log in cpanel. magic_quotes_gpc : To enable and disable magic_quotes_gpc. max_execution_time: Function to determine the maximum processing Egypt Phone Number List limit on the server. max_input_time: Function to determine the maximum server input time limit. memory_limit: Function to regulate memory or RAM on cpanel or server. open_basedir : Functions to find out users who read and open files in cPanel. post_max_size. Maximum post size setting. Settings for on and off register globals.