Profitable Business with Maklon Skincare at the Malang Cosmetic Factory

One of them is the Malang cosmetics factory which provides skincare manufacturing services for novice brand owners. This factory, which was founded by Mash Moshem Indonesia. Could be an alternative for business people to make skincare with their own brand. The process of using maklon services is said to be very easy, taking into account the budget that each entrepreneur has. However, you also need to know how this skincare product has the potential to become a profitable business.

Graph of Cosmetics Industry Revenue in Indonesia

The skincare business opportunity is quite large. This can be seen based on the graph of income generated from the cosmetics industry itself. What is it like? The image above is a graph of cosmetics industry revenue reported by Statista. From this report it can be seen that in 2022 the Beauty and Care market revenue will reach US$7.23 billion or IDR 111.83 trillion . Apart from Canada Telegram Number Data that, it is estimated that this graph will continue to grow by 5.81% every year. This graph also shows a percentage of 15.8% of this revenue is generated through online sales . So, from this data it can be concluded how increasing this graph can be a profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Especially for brand owners who want to build their own cosmetics brand.

Opportunities with the Malang Cosmetic Factory

To take advantage of this opportunity, a brand owner must think carefully. So that their business is successful in making a profit. Media considerations for business also need to be taken into account to reach the right target consumers. Where in this era of digitalization, consumer behavior in Indonesia chooses to shop online This statement can be seen through Brazil Telegram Number the results of the Katadata Insight Center (KIC) survey in 2021. From this data, you can find out what products are popular with consumers when shopping online. The results of the survey conducted showed that the percentage of health and beauty product transactions reached 40.1% during the Covid-19 pandemic. Where in 2019 this value only reached 29.1%. This factor can be seen because people spend more time at home.