4 Ways to Maximize Brand Experience for Cosmetic Brands, Increase Consumer Loyalty!

The cosmetics industry in Indonesia has grown rapidly in recent years. According to statistical data, the beauty and skin care market experienced a significant increase of 40.1% in 2021, and will continue to increase in the following year. This increase is accompanied by the proliferation of cosmetic brands on the market. From the consumer side, this gives them more choices and alternatives. However, for a brand, the more competitors it means the competition will feel fiercer. Fortunately, this will not be a big deal, if a cosmetics brand can provide an interesting brand experience for their consumers.

What is Brand Experience?

Brand experience is a sensation, feeling, interpretation and response from consumers that is generated by a brand. These various responses arise from the identity, design, or Iran WhatsApp Number Data marketing strategy used by the brand. In short, brand experience refers to the overall perception that customers experience while interacting with a brand. Even though it seems almost the same, in fact brand experience has several differences from user experience. User experience focuses on the interaction experience between customers and a product. This relates to how the product is designed to increase user satisfaction.

Increase Customer Loyalty

The saying “Retaining one customer is more difficult than getting two new customers”, turns out to be true. Because basically, brand experience is closely related to customer loyalty. Because if customers are satisfied with the service and quality of a product, they tend to trust the brand of those products. This trust makes Taiwan Whatsapp Number them not easily attracted to other brands’ offerings, even though the prices offered are much lower. Brand perception is how customers perceive or feel the presence of a brand. This is the reaction given by customers after experiencing a brand experience. For example, customers value cosmetic products from local brands that are affordable. Because the prices are low and they are easy to get in various shops, both online and offline.