Best Indonesian Cosmetic Maklon Factory

Did you know that demand for cosmetic and beauty care products in Indonesia has increased along with the development of e-commerce and social media? It cannot be denied that currently most people are internet literate and are flocking to buy goods online because they feel it is more practical and cheaper. The development of social media and e-commerce has made the rate of purchasing goods online so massive. Likewise with purchasing cosmetics and beauty care products. The existence of social media which produces many influencers makes it very influential in attracting people’s interest in buying goods shown in social media posts.

90% of Cosmetic Consumers in Indonesia

Summarized from a Populix survey entitled Unveiling Indonesia Beauty & Dietary Lifestyle , almost 90 percent of Indonesian women use local cosmetic brands. The reason for using local brands is because the prices are affordable (79%) and the product quality is equivalent to international brands (63%). Most of the shopping is done online. As many as 57 percent of respondents use e-commerce to shop for beauty care products. Then other respondents bought from physical stores such as minimarkets as much as 18 percent, supermarkets as much as 14 percent, and hypermarkets as much as 4 percent. E-commerce that is widely used by respondents to buy beauty products is Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada. Apart from that, some also shop at TikTok Shop and Instagram.


Using the Indonesian Cosmetic Factory

Are you interested in trying to make cosmetic products and beauty products with your own brand? You can use maklon services to partner with you. The Nusarntara cosmetic manufacturing factory is one of the manufacturers that provides services for making cosmetic products, starting from providing raw materials, production processes, packaging, to making promotional media. Cosmetic manufacturing companies have greater power in the production process and make your products in accordance with established safety and suitability standards. The cosmetic production process certainly requires sophisticated equipment and is very expensive. Apart from that, you need experts and professionals to formulate your cosmetic ingredients.