Best Banda Aceh Cosmetic Factory for Maklon Cosmetics

Banda Aceh Cosmetic Factory – Talking about the cosmetics industry in Indonesia is endless. Like a plant that is continuously being fertilized, public awareness of skin health is also increasing along with the increasing influence of social media. Not only in Indonesia. The growth of the global cosmetics market has recorded a significant increase after the pandemic. Social restrictions are suspected to be a supporting factor. In 2022 alone, the cosmetics and personal care market revenue will reach US$ 93 billion. This number is even predicted to continue to rise until 2027. This data is certainly good news for Beautypreneurs who plan to start a cosmetics business in Indonesia.

90% of Cosmetic Consumers in Indonesia

For beginner business people in the beauty sector, there may be concerns when they have to compete with big competitors. Especially with international brands that have been around for decades in the eyes of customers. In fact, according to data, young Indonesian Belgium WhatsApp Number List consumers prefer local brand products over foreign brands. This is proven by the results of the Populix survey in August 2022 entitled Unveiling Indonesian Beauty & Dietary Lifestyle. As many as 446 out of 500 respondents admitted that they prefer local products as their cosmetics. The biggest reasons are affordable prices (79%) and the same product quality as foreign brands (63%). This means that local cosmetic brands have a big opportunity to develop. It is not surprising that the number of local brands has increased over the last two years.

Using the Banda Aceh Cosmetic Factory

Even though opportunities for the cosmetics business are wide open in Indonesia, quite a few people end up choosing to withdraw due to production constraints. Many people think that the cosmetics business requires large costs and requires having your USA Whatsapp Number own factory. In fact, small-scale manufacturing of cosmetic products can be done using the services of the Banda Aceh cosmetic manufacturing factory. Cosmetic manufacturing is the process of making cosmetic products by companies that already hold a BPOM license and certain legalities. Through this service, you can create your own cosmetic brand products without having to own a factory.