Bekasi Cosmetic Factory Provides Convenience for MSMEs

As reported on the Kompas page, interest in skin care is said to have increased, namely 48.1% in the 2022 period. This is followed by body care products and facial cosmetics. That’s why the cosmetics business is quite promising. Because each person always needs different care products. This has also been predicted on the page. The page explains that global revenues in the cosmetics segment of the beauty and personal care market will continue to increase between 2023 and 2027. It is estimated that revenues will reach 125.4 billion dollars in 2027. The ease of making your own cosmetic products is also supported by the existence of contract manufacturing services. Thanks to cosmetic manufacturing, making products from your own brand is easier and less complicated.

Bekasi Mash Moshem Indonesia Cosmetic Factory

Mash Moshem Indonesia is a contract manufacturing company located in Surabaya. To make your dream of creating products with your own brand come true, we are ready to become your partner. Choosing the right manufacturing partner is the key to the success of creating your cosmetic products. Why? Because the right partner will provide you with many conveniences and adequate facilities. Such as quality supervision, adequate buildings, professional equipment and human Iran WhatsApp Number List resources. Likewise with the facilities at PT. Mash Moshem Indonesia as explained below. PT. Mash Moshem Indonesia has a professional research & development team. R&D itself is responsible for making samples, managing the formulation of your cosmetic ingredients, and the manufacturing process.

Standard Quality Control

Apart from adequate facilities, we also have standard quality control. In the process, we also carry out evaluations to maintain safety and quality for client products. Of course, with regulations set by BPOM. This standard check includes the application of raw materials, production Canada Whatsapp Number activities, material formulation, as well as strict feasibility tests. All processes related to the ingredients for making cosmetic products will be strictly monitored. Even before making samples, our team must first obtain approval from the quality control team. This is done to maintain client trust and improve the quality of cosmetic products. The examination is also carried out microbiologically so that there are no dangerous substances that could harm the client’s cosmetic products.