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This is proven by data collected by the BPOM agency, where there has been an increase in the last 3 years. Starting in 2020 at 53.19%, then in 2021 there was a rapid increase to 55.18%, and in 2022 it increased steadily to 55.21%. In fact, according to the page, the cosmetics business will continue to increase until 2027, reaching 26.1 billion dollars or the equivalent of 20.8%. The growth of the cosmetics industry can also be influenced by several factors. One of them is the ease of the cosmetic manufacturing process itself. Why? Because now doing cosmetics business is not difficult with the help of contracting services.

Provision of Equipment and Machinery

Furthermore, PT Mash Moshem Indonesia is also equipped with sophisticated equipment and machines. To guarantee the quality of your cosmetics, Mash Moshem Indonesia has been equipped with adequate, complete and sophisticated facilities and equipment. Not only in small-scale production quantities, but also in large-scale UK WhatsApp Number List production. And still pay attention to the safety of our clients’ cosmetic products. Not only does it have supporting equipment and machines. Our quality control process also prioritizes safety and quality assurance for the cosmetic products created. For this reason, we always comply with all aspects and regulations made by BPOM. For example, checking the standards of each raw material in our client’s cosmetics.

Baubau Maklon Factory Services

PT. Mash Moshem Indonesia also offers various types of cosmetic product manufacturing services. Here’s the explanation: ODM Cosmetics First, we provide ODM services or stands for Original Design Manufacturer . Namely a manufacturing company that will assist in the process of creating complete cosmetic Malaysia Whatsapp Number products. Includes providing ingredients, designing formulas, to the cosmetic production process. OEM Cosmetics Finally, there is the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer , which is a manufacturing company that is responsible for everything from the formula design process created by the company itself to the production of cosmetics. This means that brand owners can buy ready-made products using the design and production process from manufacturing companies.