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The more space a snippet takes up in search results, the more likely it is to be click. There are my tips to improve your snippet CTR. How to increase the CTR of your links Canada Telegram Data in search results. If this doesn’t help, what else c affect the results? These factors are mostly relat to the compy rather th the website itself. Likewise you will have to turn to your competitors d check who your competitors are in the search results. Look at product prices. Maybe your prices are much higher so competitors are prioritiz. Number of items. Research what competitors are push.

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Maybe they have a larger or more diverse rge. Completeness of structure. Research what exactly top competitors are offer. Maybe You miss importt part or cluster. errors or omissions in the promotion system d improve performce errors then you may wt to start in other direction such as add Armenia Telegram Number List paid traffic to increase real time traffic to the website which will interact with the content d convert into buyers. Take control of your website promotion at Speech Record on Fix the bugs that are prevent your website from reach the top d you will see increase in traffic d revenue.